Author and peace activist Jim Forest speaking at a pulpit with icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help behind him.
Jim Forest, who died January 13 was a champion of compassion and prophetic voice in the search for peace.

Artist Pat Pickett’s design for my 2022 word, “Adventure.” (Photo courtesy of Pat Picket)

Four figures leaping for joy under the number 2022.
A new year is like a blank page or canvas onto which we place our story.

A bright starlight shines in a deep blue sky over a Middle Eastern town reminiscent of Bethlehem.
Christ is “always with us, always asking for room in our hearts.” (Photo courtesy of ImageVine).

Two women in store with hands and shopping carts overloaded with toys on a Black Friday shopping day.
In place of the insane shopping frenzy that accompanies the holiday season, perhaps we can pause, relax and reflect. Instead of giving things, we can give of ourselves. (Photo courtesy of NEPAScene )

An inter-racial group of men and women face a blackboard linking arms.
One way of reaching common ground is to focus on the values and principles we share, rather than what divides us.

In autumn, leaves return to their true colors, reminding us we can do the same. (Photo by Mary Jo Adams)

A group of friends observe the full moon from a hill with a nearby camp fire burning.
October 16 was International Observe The Moon Night. Gazing on the moon can bring a sense of stability. (Photo courtesy of

A yellow buttercup grows within a crack in a paved street.
Reviewing our lives for the moments of grace that come unbidden is one way to keep hope alive. (Photo courtesy of

Judith Valente

Author of 4 spirituality books & 2 poetry collections. Award-winning reporter for Wall Street Journal, PBS-TV, Washington Post & 2 IL public radio stations.

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