Looking At Our World Through A Palm Sunday Lens

Dried palm in the shape of a cross resting upon fresh green palms and a crow of thorns.
Palm Sunday reminds us of both the goodness and evil of which humans are capable. (Photo courtesy of Daily Express)
In a scene replayed continuosly, a Ukrainian woman weeps over the death and destruction in her town. (Photo courtesy of Associated Press).
Philosopher, poet and spiritual teacher Howard Thurman writes that in the midst of suffering, “Thou art there.” (Photo courtesy of Guideposts).
Blessed palms sit before a statue ofr the Pieta at St. Collette Catholic Church. Do we have the courage to believe God is with us in our suffering? (Photo courtesy of St. Colette Catholic Church).



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Judith Valente

Judith Valente

Author of 4 spirituality books & 2 poetry collections. Award-winning reporter for Wall Street Journal, PBS-TV, Washington Post & 2 IL public radio stations.