The Best Part Of Growing Older

The cast of teenage boys in the musical “Spring Awakening” stand and jump on chairs as they sing “The Bitch of Living.”
Members of the original cast of “Spring Awakening” sing “The Bitch of Living.”
Chipmunk stares out from the crook of a tree.
Pausing frequently to simply watch the world around us helps develop what naturalist John Wood Krutch calls a “contemplative attitude.” (Photo by J. Alden Marlatt).
Deep purple colors pop out through grass.
Poet Ada Limón calls spring the most drama-filled season. “Everything is moving. The earth feels alive.” (Photo by J. Alden Marlatt).



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Judith Valente

Judith Valente

Author of 4 spirituality books & 2 poetry collections. Award-winning reporter for Wall Street Journal, PBS-TV, Washington Post & 2 IL public radio stations.